Saturday, August 10, 2019

Why it is worth paying Cape Market Resources a visit....

New stock has been added! If your in a rush and do not want to stand around buying! Come on down to Cape Market Resources, where you can get cheap resources for crafting and trading!

Currently a number of common resources are in stock for 101.5%, along with some other interesting items, including Arkadia Underground Deeds and Eudorian Devil Pets.

"Animal Muscle Oil is now in stock for 101.5%!"

Checking the auction for similar amounts and comparing the markup between auction on Calypso and Cape Market Resources, you can see where to go to get the best price.

The "Oil" on the front display:
Cape Market: 20.00 for 21.02 (105.10%)
Auction Cost: 20.30 for 22.00 (108.37%)

In the shop keeper's stock:
Cape Market: 25.02 for 26.00 (104.08%)
Auction Cost: 25.00 for 27.00 (108.00%)

Animal Muscle Oil
Cape Market: 100.02 for 101.50 (101.48%)
Auction Cost: 100.02 for 102.00 (101.98%)

Animal Eye Oil
Cape Market: 100.00 for 101.50 (101.5%)
Auction Cost: 90.00 for 92.00 (102.22%)

Belkar Ingots
Cape Marker: 100.02 for 101.50 (101.48%)
Auction Cost: 101.64 for 104.00 (102.32%)

Cape Market Resources is located at Cape Corinth, in the market on the ground floor.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Shop Now Open!

The shop is now now fully stocked and ready for business, come on down and check out some of the items we have in stock.

In time the stock will be become a rounded mix of crafting materials, allowing new players to get into crafting with easier access rather than dealing with the complexity of the auction.

Need to refuel your vehicle?

We have Oil for sale in 20 and 25 PED stacks going for 104% and 105%!

Other items in stock include:

"Animal Eye Oil" and "Belkar Ingots" going for 101.5% in 100 PED stacks!

An Unlimited "Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint" Going for just 1.10 PED!

A number of pets, including "Eudorian Devils", going for just a PED!

Cape Market Resources is in Cape Corinth Market, located just pass the turret on the first floor exit of the Cape Corinth Tower. Speak to the shopkeeper to see what is in stock!

Alternatively, if you do not have the Cape Corinth teleporter, you can follow the road through the canyon at Halfmoon Cove to reach the Cape Corinth Market. The teleporter is on the second floor of the tower.